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I think; therefore I am. -- René Descartes

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

I have come to a great epiphany in life.

"Live the moment you are breathing in."

With this, I have been able to revive my drive; my passion for capturing the energy of life with a camera. Capturing the moments I am so graciously blessed to live and have been given the privilege to experience.

I have begun to practice keeping my focus on the moments I create as I create them. Needing my camera to capture those moments for me.

This is my first of many posts I hope to share with you.

As we go on our own, individually, crazy journeys on this planet, I would hope to leave behind anything for those that come after us.

Rejoice and embrace all the positive vibes, energy, people, places, and experiences you can while you are still here.

Never let your fun meter get low. #micdrop #PeaceandLove #GoodVibesAllDay

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